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Posted by Skylar Browning on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 9:10 AM

Local author Mark Sundeen has been getting a ton of positive local and national press for his latest book, The Man Who Quit Money, so hopefully you've already picked up your copy. But if you haven't, and if you're curious about the seemingly impossible lifestyle described in the book, an upcoming event is just for you.

The Missoula Public Library will host Sundeen and "the man" from the book, Daniel Suelo, as well as an impressive panel of experts on April 18 for a discussion titled, "Could you quit money?" The panel consists of Christian Cryder, pastor at All Souls Missoula and founder of Imagine Missoula; Kate Keller from the Missoula Community Food Co-op and Occupy Missoula; Bob Giardano, executive director of the Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation and founder of Free Cycles; and Josh Slotnick, who you know from Garden City Harvest and the PEAS Farm. The event, which is purposely scheduled for the day following Tax Day, begins at 7 p.m.

But here's the really cool part: In the spirit of the "gift economy," and to foster community engagement, the publisher of The Man Who Quit Money, Penguin Group USA, will provide free copies to those who RSVP for this event in advance.

To reserve your book, email the library. Books will be available for pickup at the library's Reference Desk beginning April 4.

For more information about the event, visit the library's website. For more information about The Man Who Quit Money, visit Sundeen's website or the book's Facebook page.

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