Happiest Hour: Mustache mania



How's that spring mustache coming along? If the answer is "Down past my neckline, dude," you might want to head down to Tamarack tomorrow night for a few pints and a prize. Even if you don't have a mustache, trust us. It's worth stopping by.

This week: Tamarack's March Mustache Madness party

What’s under your nose: March is coming to a close this week, and that means one thing: It’s time to shave the ’stache. March Mustache Madness has become a month-long nationwide phenomenon, during which the craziest lip-ticklers around aren’t just encouraged, they’re revered. Tamarack Brewing fully embraces the cultural craze. This Thursday, March 29, the pub hosts its annual face fungus celebration. (If you can’t make it, no worries. Tamarack’s Lakeside location is throwing its hoopla on Saturday, March 31.)


What should be under your ’stache: Ideally the answer would be Tamarack’s Old ’Stache Whiskey Barrel Porter—the first seasonal the brewery has ever produced. Old ’Stache is named in honor of Lanny McDonald, the famed pro hockey player and Canadian Sports Hall of Famer whose formidable cookie duster took the Calgary Flames to Stanley Cup victory in 1989. The McDonald family owns a summer home near Lakeside, and Tamarack credits McDonald—and his mustache—as the inspiration behind its brewing operation.

What’s really under it: Unfortunately, the Old ’Stache kegs just ran dry in Missoula and the brew won’t be back on tap until early April. We settled for one of the latest seasonals, Badrock Black IPA, and we weren’t let down. Badrock’s a bit like a light beer in a Scotch ale’s clothing. It starts with a smoky tang and finishes with a light, citrusy kick. We guarantee you’ll be licking every drop off that March mouser.

Why you haven’t shaved: Tamarack is promising a real soiree this week, complete with live tunes by The Lil' Smokies. The brewery is encouraging drinkers to come dressed as their favorite mustachioed characters—Yosemite Sam, Borat, Wade Boggs, Tom Selleck. The most stellar soup strainers will be competing for prizes. If Missoula County Sheriff Carl Ibsen shows up, our money’s on him for first place.

Where to find it: Follow your mustache to Tamarack Brewing at 231 W. Front. If you’re coming for the party March 29, the music starts at 9 p.m.

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