Best Church Choir

St. Francis Xavier Parish

July 07, 2011

We suppose it can’t hurt when your church’s music director is also the general director of the Montana Lyric Opera. That’s the case with Gina Lapka, who applies the same harmonious leadership with MLO as she does with the choir at the historic St. Francis Xavier Parish. We’re guessing Lapka is the secret weapon that pushed St. Francis over the top in this surprisingly competitive category. St. Francis wins for the first time, besting last year’s winner, The Holy Spirit Choir. St. Francis Xavier: 420 W. Pine St.; 542-0321;

Finalists, Best Church Choir

2. Holy Spirit Episcopal Church Choir 130 S. 6th St. E.; 542-2167;

3. St. Paul 202 Brooks St.; 5459-4141;

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