Best Alternative Care Provider

Douglas Womack, Montana Acupuncture

July 07, 2011

Douglas Womack studied acupuncture in China, and during that time he tended to 100 patients a day under the supervision of his mentors. That extreme experience has made Womack pretty confident when it comes to applying Eastern medicine in the West. Since March 2008, when he moved from Houston and opened his acupuncture practice in Missoula, he’s worked to help all sorts of people suffering from chronic pain. In his free time, he researches his practice. He also still stays in touch with his Chinese mentors. When you think about someone sticking needles into all parts of your body, those things seem all the more important, don’t they? Douglas Womack, Montana Acupuncture: 901 SW Higgins; 541-2399;

Finalists, Best Alternative Healthcare Provider

2. Christine White (Black Bear Naturopathic) 2204 Dixon Ave.; 5422147;

3. Jeffrey Friess (Golgi Clinic) 113 W. Front St., #201; 541-8886;

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