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The Badlander bar hosts bands as diverse as metal maniacs Blessiddoom, Americana folk rockers Wartime Blues and traveling old school punks like the Queers. On Sundays, the bar switches it up for Jazz Martini Nights, where candlelit tables and live jazz bands make for a classy atmosphere of moony-eyed conversation. And then there are special music events, like Total Fest, which returns again this summer for three days and 40-some bands of raucous revelry. It's no surprise, then, that the Badlander wins the honor of Best Place to Hear Live Music. But Best Bar? That speaks to the venue's diversity beyond just live music. Our readers have embraced the Badlander's other attractions, like a pub quiz, rawk n' roll bingo with Colin Hickey, sweaty Dead Hipster dance parties and political gatherings with Forward Montana. The spacious bar itself includes couches to lounge on, booths to crowd into and bar stools to sit on when you need to have a stiff drink and that heart-to-heart with the bartender about where your life went wrong. For all of the above, let's raise a toast to the Badlander for taking two of our premier categories this year. Badlander: 208 Ryman; 549-0235


2. James Bar: 127 W. Alder; 721-8158

3. Tie:
Iron Horse Brew Pub: 501 N. Higgins; 728-8866;
Charlie B's: 428 N. Higgins; 549-3589

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