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The Wilma

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There used to be a time when live music at the historic Wilma was something of a drag. Great musicians would sell out the intimate venue and play inspiring sets, but dedicated fans had little room to enjoy the happening. Take the Queens of the Stone Age concert a year ago, when unsuspecting fans could only stand amongst the other crushed sardines before some He-man looking for room to shake his tail feather happened to pick us up and hurl us over his shoulder into a pile of chairs. Most Wilma shows were a spine-splitting experience in the most literal sense. But not anymore. When Rocky Mountain Development Group purchased the building and decided to renovate both the interior and exterior—at a cost of approximately $1.5 million—one item on their list of improvements included taking out the first four rows of seating inside the Wilma Theatre. Eureka—a dance floor/mosh pit was born. For anybody fortunate enough to catch May’s NOFX show, you undoubtedly noticed the benefit of extra elbowroom—a great show made even greater by more room to thrash about. And if the hardcore fans are pleased, we can only imagine how happy this makes the twirling hippies when Ben Harper next rolls into town.
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