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Ike Heaphy

July 08, 2010

Here he is, folks, the leader of the plaque. Ike Heaphy has won over Missoula’s hearts and teeth for the third year in a row as our readers’ favorite dentist. Office Manager Lynne Stanley tells us it’s because he is a compassionate doctor who goes out of the way to make sitting in his chair a fun and personable experience. And any dentist who makes you feel more like family, and less like a pincushion, gets our vote. Ike Heaphy: 712 Kensington Ave; 543-8347


2. Susan Tiede: 1300 S. Reserve, Suite B; 541-7334

3. George Olsen: 237 SW. Higgins; 721-2830


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I would have to beg to differ with this choice. My families insurance would not cover white fillings so we received a message on our phone on a Sunday that his office was canceling all of our standing appointments. It then took them over a month to forward our records to our new dentist. It's not that he is a bad dentist, he is good, but the way this was handled left a sour taste is this families mouth.

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Posted by miss. man on 07/09/2010 at 10:44 AM
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