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Annette Dusseau

  • photo by Cathrine L. Walters
  • Annette Dusseau

Put your unfounded dental fears at ease—Missoula’s Family Dental Group is here. With long hours, good music and an eco-conscious office, the dentists in Southgate Mall have Missoula in mind. “I had this guy, he said coming to see me as a dentist is like going to a supper club where the food’s not very good but the floor show makes it worthwhile,” Dusseau says. Missoula’s favorite dentist says she tells weird stories and does her best to make visits fun. The mom-and-pop-style business (her husband keeps the books) gives a personal touch to the whole office, not to mention the obvious kinship: “We’re a bunch of friends working together to do the right thing.” Annette Dusseau: Southgate Mall, 541-2886,

Finalists, Best Dentist

2. Ike Heaphy: 712 Kensington Ave., 543-8347,

3. Susan Tiede: 3020 S Reserve St, 541-7334 ,

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