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During the city's recent drafting of a long-term Downtown Master Plan, residents, business owners, elected officials and other stakeholders spent considerable time discussing the importance of "catalysts." In other words, things that draw people away from Reserve Street or Southgate Mall and into our vital city center. During the conversation, Macy's wasn't just listed as a catalyst for Missoula, but mentioned as perhaps the key to our downtown's future. And when you think about it, that's not too surprising—Macy's offers Missoula's most discerning shoppers everything from men's suits to women's fragrances, fine jewelry to cutlery, bedding to name-brand boots and has done so for decades. This year's Best of Missoula victory, and the Downtown Master Plan process, just goes to show how much Missoula appreciates what this store means to the community. Macy's: 110 N. Higgins; 542-6000;


2. Dillard's: Southgate Mall; 721-3100;

3. Target: 2420 N. Reserve; 543-4000;

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