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Also Best Salad, Best Supermarket and Best Vegetarian Food

A plate full of organic salad, side of soup, maybe a roll on the side, grab a different plate for some antipasto, and bam!—GFS offers what’s easily the best lunch in town if you’re a choose-your-adventure type. But wait, there’s more: Go for the veggie and goat cheese wrap or the house-made hummus, or munch some baked tofu for vegetarian delight. The deli combinations are unlimited and constantly changing, but they’re nothing without the variety of fresh, mostly organic produce that fills the place with a garden aroma. Finally, what would Missoula’s Best Supermarket be without the rows and rows of bulk foods, the self-serve peanut butter grinder and the impeccable selection of local meats? Good Food Store: 1600 S. Third St. W., 541-3663, 

Finalists, Best Fresh Produce

2. Farmers’ Markets: Downtown/Seasonal

3. Orange Street Food Farm: 701 S. Orange St., 543-3188, 

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