Best Personal Trainer

Laura Bender

July 07, 2011

Not to overdo it, but Laura Bender is sort of a goddess. In business for nearly three decades, she’s in her 50s but looks like she’s 35. Bender caters to an intellectual demographic. Her practice evolved when she recognized the changing needs of her clients. Getting skinny was no longer enough—her clients were concerned about the mind-body connection. Now Laura runs a holistic practice that includes nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness. Just take a look around her studio at the incredible space she’s created and you’ll see why she’s a repeating champ in this category. Laura Bender, Bodies By Bender: 113 W. Main St.; 728-4395;

Finalists, Best Personal Trainer

2. Kimberly Agnew, PhyZique 2615 Connery Way; 541-3481

3. Tom Mackenroth, Peak 5000 Blue Mountain Rd.; 251-3344;

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