Best Pet Supplies

Go Fetch!

July 07, 2011

Missoulians love their pets, especially their dogs, and they have plenty of choices for animal services and supplies. Yet when it’s time to get collar and treats, Indy readers have a marked preference for Go Fetch!, with its three locations around town, which also offer grooming, training, and, our favorite, “self serve dog bathing minus the mess” at their Russell Square shop and training center. For $10, you get a room with a large tub and a ramp, shampoos, conditioners, grooming tools, a big dryer, and loads of towels. GoFetch!: Multiple Locations; 728-2275;

Finalists, Best Pet Supplies

2. PetSmart 2850 N. Reserve; 549-9188;

3. Quality Supply 2801 W. Broadway; 549-2355;

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