Lofty changes




The posh Loft of Missoula, an exclusive second-floor business club on Main Street, will come under new ownership Aug. 1. Negotiations for a sale and transfer of management have been on-going for over a month, according to Loft founder Chad Wold.

Wold declined to name the buyer, but added that the Loft of Whitefish will be included in the sale. The Whitefish location opened almost four years ago, offering upscale meeting rooms and social space for local businesses. The Loft of Missoula opened two years ago this fall. A third location in Bend will not be included in the sale.
Wold says the new owners are discussing potential additions to services at the Loft, including food and drinks. These changes are aimed at addressing long-standing concerns from club members who desired a stronger emphasis on business facilities for client meetings and seminars.
“I think based on some of the things [members] wanted to see changed, it seems under the new management they’ll be happy,” Wold says. “I think they’ll be pleasantly pleased.”
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