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After our story on Hawk Paranormal's investigation of the Daly Mansion ran Feb. 11, we started hearing from the hosts of a locally produced online television show called Nervous TV. Apparently the duo, Michael Clark and Jim Choquette, attended the very same investigation armed with hidden cameras in hopes of capturing they're own ghouls and ghosties on tape. Gauge their luck for yourself by watching the footage.

We caught up briefly with Choquette to get a little more information on Nervous TV and their experience at the Daly Mansion.

He says the show is designed to document the very things that make people nervous. They've started relatively small, conducting their own paranormal investigations at graveyards and spots like Garnet Ghost Town. As Nervous TV's following grows, Choquette says he and Clark hope to expand their projects to tornado chasing and hurricane filming.

"We're just kind of getting known," Choquette says. "We're worldwide...and we're creating quite a stir, getting quite a few people coming in from all over the world."

As for the stunt at the Daly Mansion, Choquette believes it could lead to a partnership between Nervous TV and Hawk Paranormal. He says Hawk Paranormal's lead investigator, Tommy Mullen, contacted him and Clark online after finding out about the episode and asked if they'd be interested in a trip to the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge. Mullen is currently trying to bring the crew from the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" to Deer Lodge for a larger investigation.

"That would give us good exposure. It would be good for Hawk Paranormal, and I think that the 'Ghost Adventures' crew would really enjoy it," Choquette says.

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