Schweitzer's presidential prospects

Posted by Skylar Browning on Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza was asked the other day "just for fun" to list a few Democrats who may run for U.S. president in 2016. His answer: Mark Warner, Martin O'Malley and ... Brian Schweitzer.

He explains in the online chat:

I think Warner and O'Malley are VERY likely to be in.

[Andrew] Cuomo may depend on how his efforts to close the budget gap in the state go over the next few years.

Brian Schweitzer, outgoing Montana governor, is also an intriguing possibility and wants a role on the national stage....

Intriguing indeed.

This is the second Schweitzer in '16 reference in a month from D.C.'s political press.

Of course, there have been rumblings like this before to little effect).

Who knows, maybe the recent attention will at least boost his nonexistent campaign's Facebook page beyond its current 32 fans.

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I think Gov. Brian should run for Democratic President in 2012, not in 2016... As an Obama voter - I'm saying [and feeling] that there is absolutely NO WAY that Prez. Obama will be re-elected. If the Dems simply want to roll over and concede defeat to a new Republican President again after just four years - then just let the current President run for presumed re-election. He will fail. Take a legitimate and deep poll here and you'll find that the majority of people who pulled O's switch a couple of years ago would NOT do it again.

There is absolutely NO WAY that Obama will be re-elected UNLESS he pulls a really BIG rabbit out of the hat. And one such rabbit would be full disclosure to the world publics about the last 70 years of gov't secrecy surrounding ET's and UFO's. Other nations are becoming a whole lot more open in this category - yet the biggest black budget U.S. program goes into the secret bowels of UFO secrecy stuff - even kept away from Presidents and U.S. Congress.

So IF Prez O. would pull this "disclosure" genie rabbit out of a hat - THEN people might stand up and take notice. Without something extraordinary happening with Prez O. - I'm afraid that the current Democratic party is cooked in this next round of national elections.

Gov. Brian delivered the anchor speech in Obama's big electon gathering in Denver. I think that IF the Dem's were to acknowledge the fact that our current Dem. Prez cannot and will not be re-elected - THEN there should be some serious scrambling to provide OTHER democratic candidates. AND therein I think that Montana's Brian Sweitzer would definately hold his own and become a logical and presumable good replacement for Obama.

Just my 2ยข worth. --Ralph Hayes, Darby

Posted by Ralph Hayes on 03/29/2011 at 7:59 PM
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