Happiest Hour: Craft Beer Week



We’re salivating at the thought of celebrating as many of Missoula’s homegrown brews as our little liver will allow during the Garden City’s first ever Craft Beer Week, a five-day celebration of all things ale. The week kicks off May 1 and culminates in a beer-soaked eight-hour party: the Garden City BrewFest in Caras Park, Saturday, May 5.

What you’re drinking: For starters, Tamarack Brewing Co.’s “Garden City Golden Ale.” The brewery rolls it out May 1 in honor of Craft Brew Week. It’s a light-bodied Belgian-style brew with rich malt and subtle spice flavors and a fruity aroma. Many local watering holes are offering specials throughout the week.

What you’re doing: On May 3, “Bike to Missoula Brew.” Meet Missoula’s Bike Walk Bus Alliance at the south end of the pedestrian bridge near Jacob’s Island at 4:30 p.m. and cruise en masse along the Riverfront and Milwaukee Trails to Bayern Brewery.

After filling up at Bayern, we’re going to see “The Love of Beer,” a film about female brewmasters in Bend, Ore. The Wilma screens the documentary May 3 at 8 p.m. The Wilma, to our perennial delight, also serves local microbrews.


There is no slacking during Craft Beer Week. (You’ve got to pace yourself). On Friday night, we’re going on the “Garden City Brewery Bus Tour.” During the tour, a sober bus driver will haul beer connoisseurs to Bayern, Draught Works and the Kettlehouse. The tour costs $30 and comes with a light dinner to soak up the booze. Reserve a seat in advance via email: gardencitybrewerytour@gmail.com.

For a comprehensive list of Craft Brew Week events check out: http://missoulabeerweek.com/schedule

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