Happiest Hour: Rollergirl Red at Missoula Winery and Event Center



We're leaving early to spend this week's Happiest Hour sipping "Rollergirl Red" at the Missoula Winery.

What you’re drinking: A blend of merlot and cabernet made expressly for the Hellgate Rollergirls and just released by the Missoula Winery last week. Winery owner Frenchie Leiritz says Rollergirl Red isn’t too sweet, because the ladies of the Hellgate League lean more to the spicy side. “It’s a blend that I’ve made to represent the Rollergirls.”

Founding league member Anneke Ayers, aka “Delicious Demon,” designed the Rollergirl Red label, which depicts a horned she-devil with a tail, on skates. She wears fishnets and holds a pitchfork. Leiritz aims to stock retailers like Warden’s and Liquid Planet with Rollergirl Red in the coming weeks. For now, it’s only available at the Missoula Winery Tasting Room. Samples there are free. Bottles are $17. Word is, the league will also sell the wine at bouts.


Tasting Room ambiance: Perched just west of Missoula off Airway Boulevard, the winery offers a sweet view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Leiritz had an outdoor stage constructed after purchasing the winery in 2010. She now hosts jazz, blues and rock and roll along with theater and cabaret—“French cabaret,” Leiritz says—indoors and outdoors. Leiritz has a full lineup planned for the summer, starting with the Ed Norton Big band, which plays Sunday July 8.

How to find the Missoula Winery: Head west on Broadway from downtown Missoula toward the airport, make a right on Airway Boulevard, then left on Harrier Drive. The Missoula Winery is at 5646 W. Harrier Dr.

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