Happiest Hour: Bayern Brewing's new Kaiser Pilsener Lager



It’s Bayern’s 25th birthday and we’re going to celebrate it with them.

It’s especially festive on this warm afternoon as we sip Bayern’s new Kaiser Pilsener Lager at the brewery's Montana Street taproom. It’s a limited release hybrid brew that Bayern owner Jürgen Knöller rolled out especially to mark the occasion.

“Jürgen decided he wanted to do something special,” says Bayern brewer Justin Lee.

The birthday brew is actually a new kind of beer, an Imperial Pilsener Lager or “IPL.” It’s hoppy and light, perfect for summer drinking on Bayern’s sunny patio. Bayern used three types of hops, including a hefty amount of German Hallertauer Magnum, which gives it a slightly bitter taste. “There’s a lot of people that are into hoppy beers these days,” Lee says.


Kaiser Pilsener Lager is available at Bayern. The brewery is also rolling out 1,000 cases as part of a limited release. It will be sold in six-packs at local stores such as Wardens, the Pattee Creek Market, the Good Food Store and the Orange Street Food Farm. Local artist Monte Dolack created the artwork for the label, which depicts Bayern’s many beers floating above a Montana mountain range.

Since Bayern tapped the Pilsener during its August 4 birthday celebration, the brew has quickly become a favorite among local beer connoisseurs. That means if you’re looking to get some, you should do it soon, Lee says. “The most important thing to let people know is it’s limited.”

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