Election 2012: Akin, and the Rehberg redirect

Posted by Alex Sakariassen on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 10:30 AM

By now most of us have at least heard of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's cringe-inducing weekend gaffe. His comments on "legitimate rape" during an interview with a St. Louis broadcaster have drawn stern criticism from both sides of the aisle. GOP-led groups like the National Republican Senatorial Committee have threatened to withdraw financial support for Akin's Senate campaign. Fellow Republicans are calling for him to bow out of his Senate race against incumbent Democratic Claire McCaskill, with whom Akin is now tied in the polls. And the Akin snafu has even prompted Montana's own Rep. Denny Rehberg to redirect a little campaign cash.

According to FEC reports, Rehberg received a $10,000 donation from Akin's Takin Back America PAC last year, $5,000 of which was refunded due to contribution limits. The Hill reports that the Rehberg campaign is now redirecting the remaining $5,000 to the Florence Crittenton Center for Pregnant and Parenting Teens. Rehberg gave Akin a dressing-down on The Hill Monday, stating:

"As a pro-life conservative, a husband and a father of two young women, I find Rep. Akin's remarks to be offensive and reprehensible. There is no such thing as a 'legitimate rape.' I condemn Rep. Akin's statements in the strongest possible terms."

Akin is one of several conservative candidates nationwide favored by Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS, the 501(c)(4) that's actively attacking Democrats—including McCaskill and Sen. Jon Tester—in hopes of winning a Republican majority in the Senate. Crossroads GPS announced it's pulling ads supporting Akin that were scheduled to air this week. Here's the video of him sticking his foot in his mouth:

Leave it to The Onion to jump into the fray with some much-needed humor.

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The Holier-Than-Thou-GOP attitude is what will lose elections, not Todd Akins or the Sea of Galilee Swim Club ....at the point of being redundant ......... GIVE IT A REST. Don't tell me you or someone you know hasn't had his life destroyed by a woman who LIED about being raped or sexually molested. I HAVE and I know that it destroys people, it destroys families, it destroys futures. Trying to disprove a lie is practically fruitless. People believe the woman without looking at the details. There is such a thing as Date Rape and such a thing as "I regret having said Yes so I'm going to report my shameful act as Rape" and also "Morning After Regret Rape" and never forget the "OH GAWD, I missed my period Rape" ..... and the male is always jumped on but the woman's past indiscretions are ignored. REAL RAPE is when the woman says NO or when she's overpowered. Women tease men and tell the man it's 'okay' or 'I'm protected' or 'wear protection' or whatever ALL THE TIME and have second day-after thoughts and call the mutual consent "rape." Well, there is FAKE RAPE and why in the world someone doesn't explain that to the Media and those who want to jump on this man is beyond me. NO FLAMES, you know I am not 'misspeaking' here.

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Posted by OneMore Carol on 08/22/2012 at 5:21 AM
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