Dr. Seuss inspires


Here are some of the inane lies people have told me and apparently tell themselves:

Humans are not animals. Animals can’t think, reason or feel pain. Trapping is a sport. Only humans have autism. Cancer is not caused by pesticides. Herbicides are safe. All developmental malformations are genetic. Saving newborns, including children, would damage the economy. A male deer born with no scrotum will grow a scrotum when it matures. Goats are born with an underbite because they are Nubians. Llamas are born with an underbite because they are llamas. You can’t fix underbite with a pill. Foals are born with underbite or overbite because they are inbred. There are too many white-tailed deer, so they are inbred. Inbreeding causes the deer to be born with an underbite and reproductive malformations. We are not seeing any underbite on big game animals. When beef calves are born with underbite, it is because of the bull.

Now that is a lot of bull!

Judy Hoy


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