Pass the Safe Chemicals Act


Wouldn’t you want to know if the products you came into contact with on a regular basis had toxic chemicals in them? Well, you can’t. Current chemical laws have no requirement for chemicals to be tested for safety before they are put into products we buy.

The good news is that this could change. The Safe Chemicals Act would do just that. It would require that chemical companies prove that what they are using in their products is safe—before those products hit the shelves. The Safe Chemicals Act isn’t about targeting a specific chemical, but about making sure that all chemicals used are safe. It would also go an additional step further and require proper labeling, so that we can see what is in the products we are putting ourselves, and those around us, into contact with every day.

Please join me in urging the U.S. congress to pass this bill. It’s a no-brainer.

Stephen Gade


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