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Dead Dog

7" EP



Brian Eno famously observed that the first Velvet Underground album sold only 10,000 copies, but everyone who heard it started a band. You could say the same thing about Operation Ivy or Anti-Flag or—if you wanted to be a jerk about it—Less Than Jake. Punk rock, particularly of the melodic variety, must have the highest band-to-listener ratio of any music besides jazz.

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Like jazz, punk can be more fun to play than it is to listen to. There is no question that Dead Dog is having fun on their latest 7-inch EP, cleverly titled 7" EP. And many of the songs—okay, one of the songs, the exactly snotty enough "OK"—are fun to listen to. The whole thing is over in seven minutes, so it's hard to argue that Dead Dog is anything other than what American punk set out to become.

Here is DIY in action: three mildly freaked-out people from Athens, Ga. playing songs that you have technically not heard before. So what if they're immediately familiar? On Wednesday they will play a clothing store downtown, thus bringing us one step closer to that beautiful world where everyone is in a band.

Dead Dog plays Zoo City Apparel Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 9:30 PM with Mouthbreathers, Bad Naked and The Be Helds. $5.

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