April 01, 2010

Remember in early February when Anthem Blue Cross of California announced that its health insurance rates would rise as much as 39 percent, and it emboldened lawmakers working to pass health care reform? Well, we hope the recent emergence of the bigoted "Not My Bathroom" (NMB) campaign has a similar effect on our local leaders.

Last week, NMB launched an effort to defeat the Missoula City Council's proposed anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. NMB is led by self-appointed moral arbiters Tei Nash and Dallas Erickson. Erickson, a Stevensville-based founder of Help Our Moral Environment, or HOME, regularly confronts perceived social iniquities including pornography, obscenity and gays.

And now he's targeting transgender people. Erickson's group shamelessly argues that the anti-discrimination ordinance, which honors gender expression regardless of an individual's sex at birth, would open public bathrooms to sexual offenders aiming to take advantage of Missoula's vulnerable women and children.

An NMB letter poses such a scenario: "Can you imagine the mischief at our public schools where male teachers could go in the little girls' room and teenagers, just by saying they are the other gender, could use the opposite sex bathrooms? What teenage boy with hormones raging would not be tempted to try that one? There is no test to determine if the person is homosexual or has gender issues."

We chuckled, envisioning potty police raiding restrooms to check for tangible evidence of gender. But we didn't laugh long. It's appalling that NMB portrays men who express feminine gender identities as scheming sexual predators. Transgender people already use public bathrooms. And according to city attorney Jim Nugent, it's completely legal for a man to use a woman's restroom and vice versa.

NMB's paranoid claims (sort of like the health care reform being called a socialist plot to kill your grandmother) distort the ordinance's real focus, which is to ensure that all people have equal access to the same opportunities. What a concept.

It's currently legal in Montana to fire someone from a job because of sexual orientation. It's also legal to deny housing or services to a transgender person. That's wrong. How ironic that NMB's small-minded fear mongering gives City Council a perfect, if repugnant, example of why the anti-discrimination ordinance is so necessary.

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Because heaven forbid we should let people be who they are. Why shouldn't people be able to say who they are? You are an enemy of liberty, sir. Better you should mind your own business. What kind of man are you that imagines such sickness? Perhaps you are really gay and you have internalized the hatred you've been raised with to the point you are rabid? More reason to change the oppression so that even you can learn to be okay with who you are, without trying to step on other people and their rights.

Posted by silversage on 04/02/2010 at 12:26 PM

Oh, by the way, if a business or a parent or anyone else keeps a man out of the women's restroom right now, the law would be on the parent's and business man's side. They could even place guards at the entrances to restrooms and legally keep men out of the women's showers and restrooms and locker rooms. The courts and laws would support them because the standard for the court right now is the "birth sex" standard.

If this law passes, the government edict and law will be, that what ever a person says he/she is will be the new standard. We will move from a sex at birth standard to whatever anyone says they are standard. That is a major change.

Sometimes attorneys can be very deceiving in their answers.

Posted by montanahome on 04/01/2010 at 7:03 PM

It is a shame that reporters in Montana can't read. Read the ordinance, read the ordinance. It is clear that this is much more than an anti-discrimination ordinance concerning housing and hiring as you falsely allude. Read the ordinance. Read the definition of "Public Accommodation" and then read 9-64-040. Hopefully you won't be in such denial that you will not be able to understand the words that define organizations to include Churches and youth clubs and bathrooms and showers. Then read the word "services" which means among a lot of other things, that if a church offers the service of marriage then the church will be discriminating under this law if they don't marry homosexuals or "gender identity" or "gender expression" people.

A source in the know from inside of the ACLU alerted us that the ACLU intends to present a homosexual couple for a church to marry, when the dust settles and beyond, and then when the church refuses the ACLU will file a lawsuit in the liberal courts of Missoula which will be appealed to the Montana Supreme Court which would assure a win for the gay agenda and would result in the Court throwing out the Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.

Much is at stake but if groups like "Flush the Fear" keep "Flushing the Facts" like the Missoula media is doing and if people won't take the time to read the ordinance for themselves then the gay agenda will progress in Missoula.

Go to to read the ordinance and some answers to frequently asked questions.

Posted by montanahome on 04/01/2010 at 6:56 PM
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