Lost Horse Canyon 

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A long, dirt road climbing some 20 miles up Lost Horse Canyon provides unique access to the central mountains of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. In summer, even an average passenger car can make it all the way to the Montana/Idaho border on the Bitterroot crest. In winter, snowmobilers can reach high-elevation alpine terrain and terrific skiing opportunities on the edge of the designated wilderness area.

The canyon is also climber's heaven, with Yosemite-quality boulders dotting a wide valley beneath towering wilderness routes. Recent gravel mining operations at the eastern end of the canyon have threatened some key crags, uniting local climbers in opposition to the project.

Dozens of unimproved campsites line the road, and two developed campgrounds, Schumaker and Bear Creek Pass, await travelers at top of the canyon.

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Neighborhood:  Bitterroot

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This is a public observation from missoulaavalanche.org from Sunday, March 24th in the Lost Horse area North to Northeast facing, 8,000ft max elevation:

"Sunny, cold in shade. Very little wind, no snow transport observed. Slope had minimal wind loading from thr past week. No new snow.

"Cold and good snow from 8000 down to 6000 ft. First run – skier 3 of 3 caused slough from point release on more North East facing aspect. Second run – skier 1 caused significant soft snow avalanche as deep as 16-18 inches propagating 100+ ft wide traveling 600 vertical ft. Slope angle 38 degrees. Aspect North. Elevation 7900. Initiated 25ft down from ridge line.

"This slope sees less (very little) sun compared to the more north east facing aspect of our first run(also powder). The snow was powder but cohesive enough to have slab like behavior.

"Our pit results on North East aspect indicated stable snowpack with good bonding of new snow. ECT23N at soft snow interface and ECT27N a few inches deeper. Pit elevation 7000ft.

"Always be wary of snow near ridgelines and plan entrance to avalanche terrain with knowledge awareness and respect."

Thanks Steve Geiger!

Posted by Jessica Murri on 03/31/2013 at 9:01 AM

This is a public observation from missoulaavalanche.com:

No observed avalanche activity on Saturday, Jan. 26th. Three to six inches of new snow. Performed ECT pit. Results- no propagation no shovel collapse. New snow bonded O.K. in our area . Area not much wind. Nice skiing snow, No crusts. New settled snow aprox. 12 inches.

Thanks, Gregory Janiec!

Posted by Jessica Murri on 01/27/2013 at 9:46 AM
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