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Nat Kendall and Paige Rasmussen

Songbird Sing


With an electronic backbone and a subtle balance between hip hop, soul and folk-rock tracks, Songbird Sing encompasses melancholic tales of the “broken heartist” by approaching a tragic lover’s worn-out odes in refreshing light. From the eclectic range of Nat Kendall’s MC skills to Paige Rasmussen’s vocal depth and variation, this album confronts open wounds and lost loves.

“All I Got” sifts through low-key midnight confessions. “Caged Bird” weaves the peaceful thump and strum of a Ben Harper-like tune with the imagery of a canopy’s sunlit trees. It’s punctuated by Rasmussen’s airy vocals when she sings, “We could let it go, fly free like caged birds. We could hold it in, a wounded bird might fly again.” And while the machined beats maintain a similar pace throughout the track, Kendall’s poetic rapping solos balance his partner’s raspy approach.

While love-based harmonies have been royally milked through the contemporary abrasions of sensitive songwriters, this Bozeman duo achieves originality with wide-ranging beats, piquant lyrics and the elegant coiling of two sharp but very different vocal styles. This album appeals to lovers of a more avant-garde, experimental mind.

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