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NiT GrIT's blistering brand of dubstep seems fitting for the post-post-apocalypse, when robots battle against extraterrestrials and humans are just a charred memory. From the start, this San Jose-based producer rattles speakers by mixing industrial-tinged breakbeats with growling bass lines that sound like cyborgs arguing over who gets to nuke the nearest three-headed alien. It's relentlessly heavy and raw dance music, but what hooks me is that the aggression is complemented by mournful and uplifting melodies, which buoy each track and add a human touch.


Opener "Prituri Se Planinata," a remix of a tune by world music group Stellamara, is a prime example of this delicate balance. A chopped up, melancholic female vocal sample coalesces with a toothy, sinuous bass line and a simple but poignant synth melody—the result is both menacing and beautiful. "Invisible Monsters" ups the aggro factor with barking bass tones that sound downright evil, while a horror movie-esque melody jumps about.

Despite a few forgettable filler tracks, NiT GrIT's fusion of darkness with beauty sustains my interest. The combo is much more satisfying than most bellicose dubstep dominating the scene.

NiT GrIT plays the Badlander Friday, Jan. 21, at 9 PM with Enzymes, Lui and Ebola Syndrome. $5.

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