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This remote summit, only a quarter of a mile east of North Canyon Peak, is named for its north face, possibly the most sheer of Bitterroot vertical faces over 400 feet in height.

From a distance Sheer Point (8,976’) looks like it requires technical climbing skills to scale. That is certainly true if one wants to ascend the north face. But reaching the summit using the east or west ridges requires only Class 2+ ability, a level which most reasonably fit people can manage with little trouble.

The shortest route to this summit begins from the Canyon Creek Trailhead and follows the long-established trail to the apex of the trail (above and before Canyon Lake) before going off-trail. After leaving the trail, hike in a westerly direction through open woods and over slab-granite. Traverse along the north side of the Romney Ridge Highpoint past the obvious saddle, then perform a climbing traverse of Sheer Point’s west ridge to reach the summit.

The ridge between Sheer Point and North Canyon Peak is an easy Class 2+ scramble and can be used to bag two peaks in one day.

—Michael Hoyt


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