Signal Path

The Prosaic Fades

| April 21, 2011

Missoula audiences are used to getting a healthy dose of Signal Path. The jamtronic outfit started here in the early aughts and still played regular local shows after becoming a staple on the national touring circuit. When the band took a hiatus in 2007, the occasional private concert still popped up on the Missoula schedule. Even after drummer Damon Metzner and guitarist Ryan Burnett reformed Signal Path as a duo in 2009 and permanently relocated to Colorado, access hardly waned—they played the Wilma last April and the Top Hat in October.


Lately, though, fans are most easily connected to Signal Path through tons of free music at The Prosaic Fades is a five-song EP, and the first of four free releases promised in this year's cutely dubbed "quadrILLogy." Two previous full-length albums are also free for the taking. A note at the top of the download page asks fans for support "by attending a live concert or telling a friend."

It should be an easy favor to fulfill. The Prosaic Fields shows Signal Path at a mature stage, striking a confident balance between its old-school jazz roots and electronic music's limitless loops and glitches. "Gangsterer Than Me," a tongue-in-cheek track featuring Vokab Kompany, ranks as one of the band's best yet. It's a promising start to Signal Path's next stage.

Signal Path plays the Palace Saturday, April 23, at 10 PM. $10 advance at Ear Candy Music and Rockin Rudy's.

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Sweet! We are coming North to Portland in July, would love to make our way to Missoulla on our tour, hope we can link with some good heads and have some fun. Played up that way with an old band at the Top Hat, love my mountain folks.
Burkey, Vokab Ko

Posted by burkeybaby on 04/21/2011 at 8:52 AM
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