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The Eeries

Home Alone



Playing old-fashioned rock 'n' roll without any spins or twists is almost a quirk in and of itself these days. The Eeries' retro garage pop doesn't aim for lo-fi production or subversive elements: For the most part, it's just a simple, fun soundtrack to a basement sock-hop. Going for simplicity works fine as long as a band does it well, and the Eeries sure do.

The Philadelphia trio's latest, Home Alone, was recorded at a band member's dad's house in February, according to the Bandcamp page, and released as an LP on independent-punk-powerhouse Evil Weevil Records and a cassette on Burger Records. (Aside: Are cassettes really coming back? Seriously?)

With earnest lyrics so simple as to seem instantly familiar—"I can't sleep at night without you by my side, baby please stay with me" —Home Alone delivers nothing but two-minute sweet treats with no fibrous filler to get in the way. The heartsick "Blue" is the longest track by far, clocking in at a whopping 3:30.

Music geeks who prefer complexity will be bored, but people who love three-chord progressions, surfy guitar bits and lots of "whoa-oh-ohs" and "ooh-ooh-oohs" will find plenty to like here.

The Eeries, King Elephant and Shahs play Zoo City Apparel Thu., Oct. 25, at 8 PM. $5.

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