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The Stone Foxes

Small Fires



Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a total sucker for bands that make me envision a group of teenagers turning their amps all the way up in their drummer's garage and practicing their best rock star struts in front of their little sisters' friends. The Stone Foxes are far removed from being a group of pimply youths sonically terrorizing suburbia—and they've got the chops to prove it but the San Francisco quartet channels that same exuberant spirit on Small Fires.

The band plays simple, blues-based rock akin to the Black Keys or the more swaggering side of Wilco, mixed with some of Tom Petty's jangle and a touch of classic San Francisco psychedelia. The sound is accessible enough that plenty of these songs could be radio hits, but there's enough reckless danger lurking between the notes that they could also be found screeching out of a jukebox in some Tarantino-directed roadhouse scene. The riffy beast "Cotto" and the crowd shout-along "Jump in the Water" deliver fistfuls of howling rock. But don't overlook the mellow, piano-based "Battles, Blades and Bones." If loud, sweaty rock 'n' roll is your bag, there's a lot to like here.

The Stone Foxes plays Stage 112 Sun., July 7, at 9 PM. $8.

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