Turning to elk

| July 10, 2008
Don’t say nobody called this one.

Since the second brucellosis diagnosis in two years prompted USDA officials to revoke Montana’s disease-free status, a national cattle group is turning its attention to the Yellowstone elk herds. Late last month, the U.S. Cattlemen Association (USCA) predictably called on federal officials to comprehensively control the park’s elk population to prevent contact between the brucellosis carrying wildlife and state bovine herds.

“The bison and elk herds within Yellowstone National Park are this nation’s last reservoir for bovine brucellosis,” USCA President Jon Wooster said in a press release. “Montana and Wyoming cattle producers have done all they can to manage the disease, but are at continued risk because of exposure to infection from wild bison and elk.”

According to a July 7 Associated Press report, the proposal to up elk regulations is currently being considered by “federal officials.” However, neither the USDA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife nor the Park Service could verify the existence of a formal proposal.

“There’s all sorts of people engaging in disparate talks on the issue,” says Yellowstone Park spokesman Al Nash. “There is no single specific proposal that has been submitted to any of the agencies that are responsible for wildlife management.”

But conservation groups say the talk is cause enough for concern. The highly controversial Interagency Bison Management Plan between five state and federal agencies has resulted in the death of more than 1,600 buffalo this winter alone. There are three bison herds in Yellowstone, and the cost to manage them runs millions of dollars each season. Elk in the Greater Yellowstone area number roughly 93,000.

Leaders of the Buffalo Field Campaign and the Gallatin Wildlife Association believe both the recent discovery of brucellosis in the Paradise Valley and another outside of Bridger last year can be sourced to Mexican corriente cattle, rather than bison or elk. The Montana cattle board and the owner of the brucellosis-stricken herd both came forward to challenge that theory last month.

“The thing that’s missing in these so-called discoveries is the source,” Gallatin Wildlife Association President Glenn Hockett replies. “If they can show evidence that this is elk, we want to see it.”

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Yesterday Im was at a meeting with some Government officials concerning this Buffalo and soon to be Elk Slaughter. After the meeting a couple of these Officials came up to me and said Richard we want to give you an idea of what we have seen concerning Montana Cattle Ranchers. There is a movie out called Return to Lonesome Dove. In this movie there is a Montana Cattle Rancher by the name of Gregor Dunnigan. If you watch this movie carefully you will see the evil in his heart. Things have not changed one bit . So last night I rented this movie . This movie really set me on fire. This man owned so much and still it was not enough. My question here Mr Montana Cattle Rancher how much is enough ? What would it take to please you and satisfy your greed. ? Will you be satifyed when Montana is nothing but Cattle? Will you be satisfied when there are no more Wild Creatures ? I think not. I am just afraid one day as in the movie you will find it unbearable to even allow people to live in Montana as in the movie. My People have suffered a lot from these people that came from across the big waters to steal and murder all in their path. The Wild Creatures have suffered as we have because of Cattle Rancher Greed. Where does it end MR.Cattle Rancher? When the State of Montana is flooded in blood? How much is enough for you ? When will you be satisfied? I havent seen one comment here by the Cattle Rancher. You talk like MEN but hide like Scarecrows. Come here and debate this Lakota Indian. As in the movie MONEY bought polititions and hired guns. Mr. Cattle Rancher go rent this movie if you have the guts. One day as in the movie you will leave all you own behind and will stand before THE GREAT SPIRIT. I assure you MONEY will not interest him. Aho Richard Red Hawk

Posted by Richard Red Hawk on 07/15/2008 at 1:45 PM

I have a better idea: how about the ranchers stop grazing their cows on public land. Then they can quarantine their cattle in their own perfect little world, and no one will have anything to worry about.

Posted by anonymous on 07/14/2008 at 1:53 PM

Here we go again. Now its Elk. What next? Lets see if I can come up with something here . Oh yes, here is one for you Blood Thirsty Cattle Ranchers. How about mosquitos?We all know they suck the blood from a human or animal and then go to another. Could this spred the desease? Lets get the Mighty Shane and the DOL ,the Governor,,the Forest Service,and the Park Supt. out there to do battle. Give them foggers to carry on horseback and they could go galloping into GLORY Like Custer killing all the Mosquitos. LOLLOLLOL This would be a sight to see. They could do this battle whith their Cowboy hats on and nothing else. Do you realize the whole world would praise and honor them. I bet they would all be invited to the White House for dinner and decorations. Cattle Ranchers please give this serious thought. If by any chance this dont work call me and ill try to help you in some other way. Oh my I just had another thought.(lucky me). Why dont Montana open a hunting season on Cattle.? Or maye better yet include the Cattle Rancher to. If this were done Montana could go back to the beauifull pristine country it used to be. Well soon the forest is going to be opened up for the filty rich to come build their trophy homes so maybe the Cattle days are numbered any way. The funny part of this land sale is I have heard talk of the Gangs in Los Angles are talking about this land sale to. They have money to burn and would be great neighbors for the Cattle Ranchers. LOLLOLLOL they could have televised shoot outs kind of like the ok corral . Ok enough of my thoughts. I was trying to find a solution to the Desease called Cattle Rancher Greed and Thirst for Blood. Aho Richard Red Hawk

Posted by Richard Red Hawk on 07/13/2008 at 2:38 PM
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