First Friday: curiouser and curiouser



This First Friday there are several exhibits we're curious to see because they're just a little offbeat. So yes, we'll be at The Brink Gallery for Tim Thornton's cool movie poster exhibit, the Brunswick for new works by Leslie Van Stavern Millar and Kristi Hager and we'll check out the Dana Gallery's Holiday show, among other hot spots. But here are the one's we're going to attend just to quench our thirst for answers.

1) Betty's Divine hosts local artist Amber Prouty for the exhibit In Our Neighborhood. It features multiple pieces representing a neighborhood, but in the year 2021. "The roles between people and animals have blurred in the evolution of their bodies. Life has become more like a science fiction film, humans have become more animalistic in communication, and the animals are our neighbors." This sounds both frightening and wonderful. We're in, not least because there will also be Bernice's snacks and wine. 5 to 8 PM. 521 S. Higgins.

In Our Neighborhood
  • In Our Neighborhood

2) In a strangely similar vein, MCAT will host a music video showcasing make-up effects that create animal/human creatures and zombies with a "strong message about ethics in eating." We know it'll be entertaining because it's brought to us by one of our favorite MCAT film artists Christian Ackerman and his brother Chad Ackerman. This is all part of Chad's solo career under the moniker Veil. Of course. 5 to 8 PM. MCAT, 500 N. Higgins.

Ackerman brothers music video
  • Ackerman brothers' music video

3) Frontier Space is already mysterious, what with being located in an alley and all. To compound their elusive reputation, the gallery isn't even going to tell us what the exhibit is. You just have to go see for yourself. Anonymity. Silence. Coyness. We're suckers for that kind of game. See you there. Off Higgins Ave, between Spruce and Pine. 5—8 PM. Free

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