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A lot of wild stuff happens backstage in a green room. Bands like Mötley Crüe had no qualms giving us the sordid behind-the-scenes details of what happened before and after their shows. Jimmy Kimmel's green room has become infamous for its party atmosphere and strange meetings. There are sweet stories about green rooms, too, where artists cross paths in a moment of serendipity and respect. Above all, we like to think of a green room as a place where good ideas come about in a candid fashion, on-the-fly.

Green Room, the Indy's new arts forum, brings that same idea to the web. It's an online space for reporting and discussion of the Missoula arts scene by our arts reporters, by local artists, by arts connoisseurs and, hopefully, by you. We'll be looking to the community for strong opinions, enlightening commentary and constructive questions, and we'll be seeing those both in the comments section and through regular guest bylines.

We hope to create an atmosphere that's as intimate as a green room with a limitless space for conversation—even debate—about local music, visual art, dance, theater, writing, film and everything else that falls into the art realm. We've got a fine thing going here in the Missoula art world and it's something worth talking about. Now, with Green Room, we have a place where that conversation can happen.

Photo by Cathrine L. Walters

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