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All right, party people. Let's get crackin' this week. I, Calapatra, your Calendar Mistress and Generally Bossy Person, have some suggestions for your entertainment! Or choose your own path and click here to search our entire events calendar.

Cave Singers
  • Cave Singers


Calapatra just received word via the BookFace that trivia night at the Badlander is canceled, which means Jugs McGee is going to have to find something else to do this evening. (Yes, I have a lot of aliases.) There's Caddyshack at the free movie night at the Top Hat at 8 PM, or if you feel like spending some dough and probably staying out too late on a Monday, The Cave Singers play the Badlander. MewithoutYou is playing the Palace, too.


I just might opt to see a movie tonight, using this handy dandy movie listings thing that magically appears while I eat bon bons in the office. There's any number of brain-cell-killing blockbusters in theaters right now, plus Strange Brew is showing at the Wilma as a special fundraiser for Big Medicine Brewing Company.


I'm feeling a bit protective of Leonard Cohen after this write-up, but you can still check out James McMurtry at Stage 112 if you feel so inclined. I'm willing to bet that "Lonesome Dove" references irritate the bejeebus out of him.


Considering that I can barely even change a flat on my bike tire, I'm interested in this Sierra Club survival course that starts at 6 PM.
And then, I'll use those survival skills to stay alive at the sure-to-be-gnarly metal show with He Whose Ox Is Gored at the VFW.


Look, I feel weird about mimes, too, but pantomime can actually be pretty fun to watch. World-famous mime Bill Bowers, who's originally from Missoula, performs at the Missoula Children's Theatre tonight. Bring or borrow a small child who isn't as cynical as you.
Also, holy shite! The Bitterroot RenFair starts this day!


Local filmmaker, former Indy staffer and sweater-wearing fellow Andy Smetanka celebrates the progress of his silhouette-animated documentary about World War I with a par-tay at the Stensrud. Some Best Westerns will be there, in disguise as Death Moth.


Daytime funtime: It's MADE Fair!!

The one and only Barenaked Ladies, along with our editor's favorite band, Guster, play the Big Sky Amphitheater tonight. Tickets are something like $50 though, so music fans might also want to check out Seattle indie darlings Ivan and Alyosha, playing Stage 112 tonight.

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