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A wordpress blog called "secrets from a historic diary" reveals excerpts from a 100-year-old diary found in a Missoula dumpster. The blog writer is an unnamed ethnoarcheologist who also comments on the diary's contents, which offer a look into a woman's life on the ranch plus details about hangings, home births, streetcars and fashion, like boys in dresses. It's an interesting look at Missoula from a different time, given context by a pretty engaging blogger.

Historic Missoula
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In a recent blog post, on Nov. 23, the writer reveals an entry from March 1922 and adds some commentary:

Diary: "Glen came down on the stage with Jay & he came up here & took Ruth down town for supper & the show. Mama & Aunt Lue decided about nine p.m. they better get busy with a few little necessities for my room so flew at it.

Ruth spent the night at Rubys & I spent the night in pains. Dr. Thornton came about 10:30 & 2:30 Dorma Ruth arrived with quite a voice.”

Ethnoarcheologist: A couple thoughts on giving birth in the Roaring 20s: in 1900, our diarist’s Mama and 90% of all American women had given birth at home assisted by experienced women. But the 1920s marked a watershed when the medical profession declared war on mid-wives. In the interests of ‘modern’ medicine, most mothers went along with this (although scholars now agree that fatalities actually increased for 15 years or so before antibiotics were understood).

You can keep up with the diary entries here.

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