Andy Smetanka talks lost artifacts of Missoula's music scene and "Sunset on Evaro"


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The Total Fest blog is almost done profiling the bands who will play this year's three-day independent music festival, and today guest blogger and Indy contributor Andy Smentanka wrote the longest post so far. The article leads up to the festival's reunion of Mike and Rick—a band whose prime was in the late 1990s and early 2000s music scene. But for the first 15 or so paragraphs, Smetanka talks about the delights of digging up old Missoula cassettes. 
Until a few years ago I carried at least one apple box full of old, poorly-organized cassettes, virtually none of them with cases intact, from one house to the next in Missoula, every time I moved. I'd been doing this for over twenty years until I just said  the hell with it: I'm not even going to look into the box this time. Not going to get sucked in again. I'm just going to leave the box out in an alley with a FREE sign on it.
Those of us who are audiophiles gasp at giving away a
Oblio Joes' Dan Strachan
  • Oblio Joes' Dan Strachan
nything, even the most unlistenable artifacts, but Smetanka continues:

Over the years and between moves, I've gradually sifted out anything Made in Missoula and moved it to a separate and much smaller box … rescued from oblivion: rough cassette mix of songs from the unfinished (i.e. barely started) 1999 Humpy LP, with vocals on about half the tunes. Also a copy of the Povstock! compilation, featuring a couple songs apiece from the nine or possibly nine million bands that played a chaotic all-ages benefit show for the Poverello Center in February, 1994 while just down the street Roxy Theater was burning to the ground.
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It's a fun piece of reminiscing and a quick peek into Missoula's rock music history. It ends in an analysis of Mike and Rick and their song "Sunset on Evaro," which has outlasted the band: It's been covered by at least three Missoula bands even after Mike and Rick broke up. [Full disclosure: I live with the drummer, aka "And."]

Check out the piece in its entirety on the Total Fest blog, which is where you can also find other great profiles on bands, plus a full festival schedule and ticket information.

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