Tonight: Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends at Stage 112


Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends
  • Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends

Bay-area wunder mensch
Conan Neutron rolls into Missoula Rock City with his band The Secret Friends tonight, Monday Oct. 17 for a Monday Night power blaster at Stage 112 (in the Elks Club). Whether or not  Melvins drummer Dale Crover will be sitting on the drum stool remains shrouded in complete mystery, but regardless, I think the Secret Friends will lay down some powerful rock and roll, along with stalwart Missoulians the Magpies. Crover does play on the new "The Art of Murder" record, which is a body slammer.

I know Conan from his band Replicator, which existed over a decade ago and was kind of a technology-obsessed noise rock sort-of Shellac Jr. That band, Replicator, was a great band and they put on an equally great live show. Since then, Conan's led bands like Mt. Vicious and Victory and Associates, who provided equally high energy live show and a bit more swaggery rock and roll, compared to Replicator's kind of more staccato noise rock attack.
He's also the captain behind the PRFBBQ phenomenon, and became an outgrowth of discussions on Steve Albini's Electrical Audio message board forum,  which is pretty awesome.

You'd be hard pressed to find this kind of rock in many places on a Monday. See you there.

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