Rehberg released; questions remain



Rep. Denny Rehberg and staffer Kristin Smith were released from Kalispell Regional Medical Center today. But what about the Barkuses? And what about Dustin Frost? And does Rehberg's embarrassing Kazakhstan incident provide any insight into this story?

To answer those questions:

1. State Sen. Greg Barkus — owner and operator of the speed boat — has hired an attorney. The Indy, as well as every other media outlet in the state, no doubt, has left a message asking for an update/statement/anything from his lawyer. We haven't heard back.

2. Also no word on Frost, other than Rehberg and company are praying for his recovery and that he has not regained consciousness since the accident. Blogger Jay Stevens, who says he knows the Frost family, has asked mainstream media why its not reporting on Frost's "coma." A coma is defined as "extreme unresponsiveness, in which an individual exhibits no voluntary movement or behavior." We're not mainstream, but can say there's been no statement as to Frost's specific condition. Roll Call added this in its report: "Asked if Frost is in a coma, Iverson said he didn’t know 'what you’d describe it,' saying only that he is 'stable and sedated.'"

3. So, Kazakhstan. For some, the news of Rehberg's serious boating crash Thursday night — after dinner and drinks — recalls the time five years ago that Rehberg was injured falling off a horse in Kazakhstan — after lunch and drinks. At the time, a Rehberg spokesman called the Roll Call report "laughable" in a Lee Newspapers story. Roll Call has since posted its follow-up story —including a detailed breakdown and slide show (!) by a Marine clarifying the incident. Interesting reading, but considering the other boat crash issues left unanswered, it seems beside the point to us.

The more important questions, obviously, relate to Barkus, Frost and the continued wait for more information.

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