Week in Review: Baucus haters and wolf hunts



When Matthew Frank dug into Sen. Max Baucus' effort to reform health care this summer, he made the point that no matter what our senior senator eventually proposed, he wasn't going to make people happy. Well, guess what?


Baucus haters have lined up, calling the bill "really, really bad,"a big congressional punt," "unaffordable" and "the worst piece of health care legislation" in 30 years.

Locally, Left in the West labels the bill "watered down" but says it ain't all bad. JC at 4&20 says the bill "fails." Electric City says the bill "doesn't look entirely bad."

You can judge for yourself here.

Meanwhile, Montanans are busy huntin' wolves and at least one environmentalist says her colleagues should quit crying over the issue.

Meth lab busts are up in Montana. As is the state's budget surplus.

Your top three alt weekly links of the week:
1. Bed bugs really do bite.

2. How Portlanders (including, no doubt, former Missoulians) try to get out of parking tickets.

3. As if Obama didn't have enough problems, paranormal experts feel jilted by the pres.

Lastly, we'll be heading out to the ballpark tonight to support the Osprey as they attempt to take the Pioneer League championship. If you haven't noticed, this year's team seems to have a certain flair for the dramatic, and just may be one of the most exciting to watch in years. First pitch at 7:05, tickets available at the gate.

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