Week in Review: Transgender, Talkdemonic and road signs



This week we're leading with the most interesting stuff from the world of alt weeklies.

The Santa Barbara Independent tackles the tricky topic of 9/11 truth seekers and what really brought down the Twin Towers. Why did Santa Barbara jump into this? A local professor is the leader of a group that believes explosives — not just terrorist-piloted planes — caused the buildings' collapse. The comments here are just as interesting as the story.

The Colorado Independent provides an intimate look at the struggles of the transgender community despite a new state law that protects from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

You know and love The Stranger for Dan Savage, great arts coverage and its sense of humor (tagline: "Seattle's Only Newspaper"), but the rag's news reporting often gets overlooked. Just read this week's investigative feature on the mind of an alleged murderer for an example of the paper's quality hard news work.

Now, in our neck of the woods:

Electric City and 2 Helena Handbaskets think Rehberg challenger Dennis McDonald is "silly" for feigning moral indignation over Denny's decision to get into a motorboat with an allegedly impaired captain.

Speaking of Rehberg, he's mounting a fight against the most evil waste of taxpayer money ever in the history of humankind: road signs. Specifically, road signs that tout the use of stimulus money to improve roadways. May this horrendous injustice come to a stop really quickly. Like, quicker than the month-long (and still ongoing) investigation into Rehberg's boat crash.

NewWest examines an odd add in the daily.

From hot air to dead air for controversial radio host John Stokes up north.

Missoula writer (and Indy contributor) Jeremy N. Smith interviews UM alum and novelist Andrew Sean Greer in the latest High Country News. (Note: subscription needed for full interview, but get one. It's worth it.)

Also at High Country (and free) is a great commentary on the sad state of the Butte Pacific pasture along the Clark Fork River written by Bryce Andrews of the Clark Fork Coalition.

Lastly, we highly recommend checking out tonight's KBGA Birthday Bash at the Badlander and Palace. Aside from what's sure to be a celebratory Volumen CD release party, we find Talkdemonic — drummer, violist, laptop — to be among the best bands in the northwest. Whoa, are we prepared to go that far? Among the best? Really? Sure. We can at least make a strong case, and believe the band will back us up this evening.


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