Week in Review: Hardin fiasco, comics and two good parties



After approximately 16 hours of City Council candidate interviews today, we'll keep this week's installment brief.

The anti-zoning contingent loses in court.

The Hardin Jail deal turns nine kinds of crazy. Or 10—check out this news conference from Becky Shay, the former Billings Gazette writer who accepted a position as the "police force" spokesperson.

Watch the roads in Great Falls (they apparently include 12-year-old drivers).

The best from the alt weeklies this week:
1. In-depth interview with Ted Haggard in the Colorado Springs Independent.
2. An in-depth look at Gov. Mark Sanford that starts with a pooping in the pants metaphor, courtesy of the Charleston City Paper. (Didn't see that coming, did you.)
3. ACORN and the economy, covered by the East Bay Express, and ACORN's good work in North Carolina, courtesy of Indy Week.

Prolific local film/book/comic writer Josh Wagner popped up in an interview at Hypergeek. In talking about his new film, Adam Funn, Wagner says, "Missoula was our playground."

No Griz game this weekend, but ESPN mentions that former Flathead stud and budding Pac-10 player Brock Osweiler, a 6-8 true freshman QB at Arizona State, is pushing for playing time.

Still, playing in front of the home crowd, Sullivan needs to make plays in the passing game or coach Dennis Erickson might decide to give talented true freshman Brock Osweiler a serious look.

As for this weekend, you'll find some of the Indy staff — and certainly film critic/Homestead caretaker Andy Smetanka — at Saturday's Moon-Randolph Homestead Fall Gathering. It's one of the best potluck-style, neighborly events of the year. Other staffers — and local food writer/expert Ari LeVaux — are heading to the PEAS Farm's Bhutan bash, which also promises great food, people and times.

Have fun no matter where you go.


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