Hauck continues childish behavior



We couldn't believe the latest round of third-grade banter coming from the head coach of Missoula's beloved Griz football team. According to yesterday's Kaimin, Bobby Hauck is now refusing to take questions from the same student reporter, Tyson Alger, who broke the news of the latest off-the-field assault involving UM players.

Last week after football practice, Alger asked one of the players for an interview. The player said he wasn’t allowed to talk to the Kaimin. At Tuesday’s press conference, Alger’s question to Hauck about 
whether the quarterback rotation would remain the same this weekend was met with this response:

“You? You want something from me now? You have got to be kidding me.”

Hauck then answered the question when a Missoulian reporter repeated it.

The Kaimin's responding by focusing its GameDay program for tomorrow's Homecoming with stories about opponent Cal Poly because the paper can no longer "effectively cover Griz football."

For those who don't remember, Hauck got into this mess by ignoring or dodging Alger's questions about the recent assault. When Alger pressed, Hauck covered Alger's tape recorder and said, "You’re done for the day. And you’ll be done for the season if you keep bugging me about this thing that I’ve answered four fucking times.”

The "fucking" word choice got Hauck in some trouble with the administration, and he's since apologized in a letter sent by SID Dave Guffey. But Hauck's apparently not over the issue.

Hauck's killing himself here. Assuming he still aspires to coach at a FBS school, what's a potential employer going to think of a coach who gets rattled by student reporters in Missoula? That's not to mention his shady three-year-running record of having players caught in high-profile assault charges. If Hauck quit holding a grudge, held his players more accountable and faced the issue head-on, he could actually focus on what he sometimes appears to enjoy: coaching football.

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