Hauck hate blitz continues (but he's sort of a big deal in Illinois)



New media sensation Bobby Hauck dominated national sports headlines this week, which is pretty funny considering how much Hauck hates the media. But that's exactly why Sports Illustrated (twice), ESPN, the New York Times, Deadspin and others piled on our local ball coach.

The highlights lowlights:

In a piece posted today, SI.com columnist Jeff Pearlman goes bonkers over Hauck. First, he lumps him in with "egomaniacal collegiate football coaches who go by boyhood nicknames, speak of 'The Program,' puff out their chests and wear free shirts provided by sneaker companies." Then he manages to reference George Patton, Albert Einstein, Vince Lombardi, (former Yankees manager) Ralph Houk, Huey Lewis (!) and Ghandi in what must be the longest and most wide-ranging preamble ever to setting up the fact that Hauck stonewalled UM's student newspaper. Anyway, Pearlman's not a fan and sums up with this:

Generally speaking, pinning behavioral stupidity on your players is an even worse move than, say, locking out the student newspaper in a town where — on a good day — you're covered by three media outposts. And even if your athletes did decide to protest, it's your job — as a presumed educator — to do the opposite; to pull the student writers aside, explain your gripe and try to work it out in a mature manner.

Pearlman's column comes five days after fellow SI writer (and media critic) Richard Deitsch wrote, "The Montana administration should put an end to [Hauck's] kind of nonsense ASAP."

ESPN's Pat Forde labeled Hauck his "bum" of the half-year, which perhaps counts as Hauck's first national title since becoming Griz head coach. NY Times college sports writer Pete Thamel Tweeted about Hauck with this: "May he never get a real coaching job." (courtesy of 4&20). And Deadspin started the week by calling Hauck "a gaping vagina of the highest order."

On the bright side, at least some fans at the University of Illinois hope to lure Hauck to Champaign — you know, if Hayden Fox, Dobber and Luther aren't available.


Good luck with that, fellas. Seriously.

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