Makka masala and better manners hit the arts desk



Two books of interest to our readers recently showed up on the Indy arts desk.

Tipu's, the mostly vegetarian Indian restaurant, was a favorite eatery for many locals, and there were some long faces when it closed last year. Missing it? Owner Bipin Patel just released a recipe book of some of the most popular dishes they had there: Aloo bringal. Baingan bharta dip. Mulligatawny. Mango chicken. Mouth..watering. Might be time to learn how to cook, right?


The other release is I See Rude People, by Amy Alkon, aka, The Advice Goddess. Alkon, if you don't know, writes the nationally syndicated column that show up in our pages each week. Her answers to people's questions about love and life are rather straightforward, to say the least. Each week she answers questions about relationships, often chiding the readers themselves for their own self-delusions, melodramas and selfishness. Love her or hate her—and people feel both ways—she speaks her mind. In a recent letter she referred to Salman Rushdie as a jackass for breaking up with his girlfriend by e-mail.
In her new book she delves into her biggest pet peeves: lax parents, telemarketing executives and parking space hogs, to name just a few.


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