Arts desk: Exercise with a dentist



The back cover of Fit at Fifty Something, an exercise book that landed on the arts desk this week, states: “One day you’re a spring chicken with lots of vigor and verve in your step, cruising around in you sporty little world with your entire carefree life ahead of you.” Then, basically, you're not.

Sacramento author Brian Bolstad, 52, who is a dentist, wrote the book after suffering chronic back pain. Half of the book features grainy photos of him doing squats, ankle lifts and crunches. The other half of it is split into chapters on stress, weight control, strength, and one called “Sex: Looking Good and Better Wood.”


It’s written in a casual way (sort of like a locker room pep talk) with lines like “When you eat a piece of fruit the best thing of all is YOU DID NOT EAT A DONUT!” and “Males are visual animals. I do not know why. But I know it is true. Men look at a female form of big tits, slim waist and a nice butt and are imbued with a visceral feeling of desire.” Philosophical musings on ladybug reproduction and wolf pack behavior also pop up as quasi-scientific support.

Mostly, I like the front cover because he's in his workout wear in an hourglass, pushing back the sands of time.

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