How are Tea Partiers like zombies?




That, and other interesting stories from alt weeklies around the country.

It's been too long since we linked to some of the more interesting stories from our fellow AAN papers, so let's play catch up with a little lightning round.

Las Vegas Weekly probes the intersection of anti-government paranoids and pop culture’s favorite symbol of doom, zombies.

You can now pee in public in Colorado without becoming, technically, a sex offender. What a relief.

I haven't heard much about Missoula's pitch for Google's high-speed network lately, but The Indy (out of North Carolina) goes in-depth on the Durham city campaign.

Baltimore City Paper reviews two new books that take a hard look at the current state of America's public schools.

Ever wonder what's in a rape kit? Perhaps not, so that's why the Washington City Paper detailed its contents as an aside to a story on rape victims who aren't considered rape victims because the police say so.

Creative Loafing tries to answer this question: How many civilians has the U.S. killed in the War on Terror? I especially like the first line:

Before I joined the SocialistLibtardIslamofascistHomo Conspiracy (aka the media), I worked for a small public relations firm.

Boise has an issue with war planes. Mainly, peace activists don't want them flying over the city.

Lastly, and on a lighter note, you may have heard the big news this week about KFC unveiling its Double Down Chicken Sandwich. Holy Mother of Heaven, it's two chicken fillets pretending to be bread for a couple slices of cheese and some bacon. Robert Sietsema with The Village Voice reviewed it, and was not impressed.


We don't care. It's lunch time, and we know exactly where we're going.

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