I write like Vonnegut, according to robot in love with H.P. Lovecraft



If you fancy yourself a writer type, new Internet toy "I Write Like" is here to make you feel special. Simply plug in a sample of your writing and the site instantly "analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers."

Naturally, we gave it a try and found the following matches:

Staff writer Alex Sakariassen, from his "Guiding the Guardians" feature: James Joyce
Arts editor Erika Fredrickson, from her story about the last wild horse on Wild Horse Island: Stephen King
Staff writer Jessica Mayrer, from her current gadfly feature story: sci-fi/horror writer H.P. Lovecraft
Senior staff writer Matthew Frank, from his profile of Max Baucus during the health care reform debate: also H.P. Lovecraft
Political columnist George Ochenski: Lovecraft, a third time
Astrology columnist Rob Brezsny: Guess who? Yep, Lovecraft.

Meanwhile, I came up as Kurt Vonnegut based on an excerpt from a story on natural homebirth.

And what about some other Missoula folks?

Humor columnist Bob Wire: J.D. Salinger
Best-selling author James Lee Burke: David Foster Wallace
Missoulian editor Sherry Devlin: Stephen King
Novelist Kevin Canty: King, as well
And, finally, Sen. Jon Tester: Canadian blogger Cory Doctorow. Honest.

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