AmVets could use a good plumber




A tipster sent us the above photo, wondering what was up with Missoula's favorite but often troubled and much criticized LGBT hot spot.

You know what that means?

Time to fire up everyone's favorite website, the Missoula City-County Health Department's online inspection reports, to see why they closed down this infamous local nightspot. The report filed yesterday is long and sorta yucky. Here's some of what we found:

Critical violation No. 1:

Due to the plumbing issues and sewage backup, there is a lot of flies in the facility. In the hole underneath the three-compartment sink, there are signs of harborage and hatching. You must prevent pests and harborage at all times.

Critical violation No. 2, and the longest:

Under the bar service area there is a large hole to which the waste water from both three-compartment sinks, the ice bins, the dump sinks and the ice machine all drain. The pipe leading to what is presumed to be the sanitary sewer is severed and rotten, and most of the water goes directly into the ground, not captured by the sewer line. This is not an approved method of waste water disposal and is also a violation of the City-County Health Code...

It goes on:

...There are signs of sewage backup behind the hatch at the rear of the walk-in cooler. Sewage and debris are visible. There is toilet paper hanging from the hub drain in the pit...

And on:

...Not only is this a waste water violation and a violation of plumbing code, this is a high health risk. All of the above violations must be corrected...

There's more, including the Jell-O shots being made in an inadequate prep area, the urinals leaking, pipes in the women's bathroom "wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape," and a "large amount of mold growth" at the back of the walk-in cooler. I'm no expert, but after reading hundreds of these reports, this one certainly stands out—especially for an establishment that doesn't serve food (Jell-O shots notwithstanding).

A message left with AmVets manager Mike Might this afternoon has yet to be returned. No one answered the door of the bar this afternoon, either. We'll update when/if we hear from him.

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