No one's left at Left in the West



Fallout from Tuesday continues, although the end of one of Montana's more popular political blogs isn't directly tied to the midterms.

Left in the West, which most recently was mentioned in Time magazine, is the long-time blogosphere home of Matt Singer and, more recently, Jay Stevens (who was the original founder of another popular political blog, 4&20 blackbirds). Well, on Wednesday, Stevens announced he's done with the blogging game; he'd been contemplating the change for months. And on Thursday, Singer, a political organizer who recently accepted a new position in Portland, Ore., said his own farewell.

"My guess is that this site will effectively turn into a ghost town," wrote Singer. "But there's lot of other talented writers in this state to pick up the slack.

The Indy profiled Singer and Stevens (and other progressive bloggers) back in 2006 when they were making an impact on the Tester/Burns race. As numerous other blogs popped up and contributed to the overall political discussion in Montana, LiTW persevered and remained a top destination. To Stevens and Singer's credit, they worked hard to keep the content consistent and insightful. Most importantly to fans and critics alike, they weren't anonymous.

It's a shame to see them go.

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