First Friday: Three things not to miss



There's art, and then there's the art of finding the art. Don't know what we mean? With so many places to go for the First Friday art walk, it's not hard to get exhausted from trying to coordinate where to go next. Get a plan, man. You can always check out the First Friday blog to plot your strategy. But just in case you've only got an hour to spare, here are three must-see art happenings.

1. Artist Amber Bushnell will be out on the sidewalks of downtown, somewhere on Higgins, Broadway and Pattee, between 6:30 and 9 p.m. Sound a bit sketchy? A little cloak-and-dagger? That’s what makes a mobile art show so intriguing. Bushnell’s exhibit I Am: A Self Portrait & Mobile Installation includes illustrations and animation that might make you question: which is the artist, and which is the art? You decide.


2. You know how furniture places are perpetually doing clearance sales? Well, art clearances are not a dime a dozen, so maybe you should check this out. Local artist Marc Moss is clearing out his studio so he can start afresh, which means if you head down to Sushi Hana (403 N Higgins Ave.) you might get some sweet deals on collages and assemblage made from rusty metal, reclaimed glass and wire. Also, 15 percent of proceeds go to the Missoula Food Bank, so you can do some good in a couple of different ways. All under the influence of sake.


3. A Povarello fundraiser called “Starving Artists for The Pov” kicks off at the Badlander (208 Ryman) with performances by the Open Field Artists, speakers like Mayor Engen and new state Rep. Ellie Hill, a fashion show and live music by rapper Pallas Athena, DJ Kris Moon and Americana punk band Bird’s Mile Home, among others. Peruse visual art by the likes of Hanna Hannan, Abe Coley and Ladypajama, who, by the way, if you haven’t heard, are people to know in the local art scene. Time to get cultured. 5 p.m. to 8 pm free but accepting donations of blankets, winter coats, toiletries (specifically razor blades, denture adhesive), or socks. From 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. the cost goes up to $5, or $3 if you donate any of the suggested items above.

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